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Creating a Positive & Sustainable Impact, Together

Running-Fluent Initiative

Championing sustainability through interculturalism by uniting diverse talents and passions in a global mission for positive change  combining wellness, integration, and environmental awareness.

Shaping a sustainable future by building bridges of understanding  with unity, diversity, inclusivity, sustainable thinking as well as  ensuring both diverse and marginalized voices contribute to the sustainability dialogue.


Communal-Intercultural Clean-Ups

Join us and the amazing community as we promote sustainability and intercultural cooperation.


🌳 Tree Planting

We all know the importance of green-spaces in Cyprus - so we plan on planting more!


🤝 Culture & Society

With Cyprus being a diverse hub of many cultures we create spaces that people can share

Why You Should Attend The Next Event 🤔

 Our uniquely designed, community-centric events foster meaningful connections and a deep sense of belonging. Our impact-oriented approach ensures true inclusion and integration, creating an environment where everyone feels like family.

What Our Events Offer

Our successful events create bonds and foster brotherhood. We support charity causes, plant trees, organize public debates, and provide networking and career development opportunities.

Inclusive for All

We welcome everyone, regardless of background, color, ethnicity, or religion. Our events embrace the needy, local youths, the elderly, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, foreign students, and domestic workers.

Join Running-Fluent Initiative and experience our unique intercultural environment firsthand.

Join Us As We Build Bridges of Understanding and Tackle Social Economical and Environmental Challenges

Our Events

Our events range from charity runs and donations to intercultural nights, public cleaning campaigns, hiking and cycling events, and other adventures. We also organise volunteering opportunities, beach cleaning, tree planting, and intercultural storytelling. Additionally, we organise events offering guidance and counselling, mental health support, yoga and mindfulness sessions, and forums for lobbying and idea development.

Each event fosters meaningful connections and a deep sense of belonging, providing opportunities to connect, contribute, and be inspired by the collective efforts of our dedicated community. 

Join us at the Running-Fluent Initiative and be part of a movement that makes a tangible difference. Explore our upcoming events and see how you can get involved!

Greek Together! (greek language lessons)

We embrace Greek culture (language,food,fashion etc) to enhance adaptability and social inclusion as well as integration through peer to peer learning and practices.

Multicultural group Cycling events

These activities are not just for wellness(mental and physical health) but also essential in building bridges of understanding through intercultural interactions

Intercultural Group hiking and picnics

We embrace our diversity in nature. Raising awareness on the significance of unity in environmentalism and promoting intercultural understanding and community bonding.

Fundraising And Solidarity

Working with local charities , nonprofits and individuals-in-need to lend our collective support as an intercultural team through fundraising dinners, donation drives, and volunteer activities.

Tree Planting campaigns

We organise and join tree planting & treenaturing events not just to promote sustainability but to protect our planet aiming to create a greener and healthier world for future the coming generations.

Communal-Intercultural clean-up campaigns

Clean-up drives in diverse communities for sustainability and intercultural cooperation.(beach cleanups, street painting or removal of hate speech graffiti and cleaning of public places; parks etc)

Meet our
Amazing Team

Winnie Simon

Team Coordinator

Juvy Canilang

Volunteer Coordinator

Barasa Daniel

Founder & Director

Niki Koutsoftides

Operations Coordinator

Polina Krivorotova

Project Coordinator

Our Awards

A Message From Our Founder,

Barasa Daniel

Dear all,

Welcome to the digital home of the Running-Fluent Initiative!

RFI aims to create a sustainable world through interculturalism, networking, integration, and inclusion. Our passionate team believes in the power of collective effort to achieve extraordinary results. We leverage diverse backgrounds to fuel innovation, growth, and societal harmony, addressing environmental, social, and cultural challenges collaboratively.

We empower communities, foster dialogue, and drive sustainable change, celebrating global cultures and bridging divides. Join us in building a brighter, more equitable future. Together, we can spark change that reaches far beyond our immediate surroundings.

Thank you for your support. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Together We Thrive!!

Thanks To Our
Amazing Collaborators

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Checkout Our FAQ's

What is the Running-Fluent Initiative?

The Running-Fluent Initiative is a groundbreaking, immigrants-led and locals-led initiative in Cyprus that seamlessly combines wellness, integration, and environmental awareness. Our mission is to shape a sustainable future by harnessing the transformative power of unity, diversity, inclusivity, and sustainable thinking. We strive to ensure that diverse voices actively contribute to the climate dialogue.

Is the Running-Fluent Initiative an NGO?

Running-Fluent Initiative is a dynamic multicultural and self-motivated team that champions sustainability through communal-centric approaches aiming to unite diverse talents and passions both locally and globally for positive change, focusing on inclusivity, eco-friendly living, humanitarianism, and a brighter future for all.

How is Running-Fluent different from other initiatives?

Running-Fluent stands out as a unique initiative due to its holistic approach, integrating wellness, integration, and environmental consciousness. Led by both locals and immigrants, our initiative emphasizes unity, diversity, inclusivity, and sustainable thinking to co-create a lasting impact on individuals and the community.

Is Running-Fluent open to collaboration and partnerships?

Absolutely! Running-Fluent welcomes collaboration and partnerships with organizations, businesses, and individuals who share our values. If you are interested in working together to create a positive impact, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Is your initiative registered in Cyprus?

Yes, the Running-Fluent Initiative is based in Limassol, Cyprus. While currently operating as an informal community organization, we’ve been registered on the European Portal since 2021 for our EU Solidarity Corps projects.

Organization Details
Organization Name: Running-Fluent Initiative
Country: Cyprus – City: Limassol
PIC: 889338584
Organization ID: E10282862
Registration number: 58060-ORG-00001

What does the Running-Fluent Initiative focus on in terms of sustainable development?

We advocate for inclusive and sustainable financing models that prioritize community-led projects. Our emphasis is on economic, social, and environmental benefits, fostering partnerships between government, private sector, and civil society to create innovative funding mechanisms supporting sustainable development goals.

How does Running-Fluent support the integration of immigrants?

Running-Fluent supports immigrant integration through peer-to-peer Greek language classes, cultural exchange events, and mentorship programs and creating a positive and inclusive environment due to multicultural composition of our team. (Both locals and immigrants)

What is the Running-Fluent Initiative's presence in Uganda?

In Uganda we are the Elite Racers Foundation Uganda ltd and Evzin Athletics Club Uganda as we emphasize inclusive access especially for marginalized communities and promoting environmental awareness through informal educational programs, community engagement, and sustainable initiatives.

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