Uniqueness in Advocacy: The Running-Fluent Initiative’s 2 hacks of you Must know

 Uniqueness in Advocacy: The Running-Fluent Initiative’s 2 hacks of you Must know

Embracing Uniqueness for Meaningful Impact

At Running-Fluent Initiative, we firmly believe that true innovation and meaningful impact arise from embracing our unique perspectives and experiences. Our journey has shown that “being misunderstood or rejected is necessary for uniqueness.”

The Importance of Uniqueness in Advocacy

Uniqueness in Advocacy: The Running-Fluent Initiative's 2 Main Rules

In advocacy, standing out is crucial. Advocacy challenges the status quo, pushes boundaries, and introduces new ideas. However, groundbreaking ideas often face resistance and rejection. This initial pushback is not a sign of failure; rather, it’s a testament to the disruptive potential of these ideas. If an idea is easily accepted, it likely aligns too closely with existing norms and lacks the transformative power needed to create significant change.

Social Dynamics and the Pitfall of Conformity

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a pervasive tendency to follow megatrends. While these trends offer a sense of community and belonging, they often lead to the erosion of individual uniqueness. At Running-Fluent, we challenge this conformity. Our initiatives empower individuals to embrace their unique identities and leverage them to drive positive change.

Conformity stifles innovation. By following the crowd, we miss out on the diverse perspectives crucial for addressing complex social issues. Our commitment to fostering individuality and unique thinking sets Running-Fluent apart and fuels our success.

The Journey of Self-Belief and Persistence

The path to making a significant social impact is rarely straightforward. It requires unwavering self-belief and persistence. At Running-Fluent Initiative, we understand that being misunderstood or rejected can be disheartening. However, we also recognize that these challenges are a necessary part of the journey toward creating something truly unique and impactful.

Our initiatives encourage individuals to remain steadfast in their values and vision, even when faced with adversity. By doing so, we cultivate a community of changemakers who are unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom and drive meaningful progress.

Building a Community of Changemakers

Uniqueness in Advocacy: The Running-Fluent Initiative's 2 Main Rules

At Running-Fluent Initiative, we continue to embrace our uniqueness and attract like-minded individuals who share our passion for creating positive change. We are building a community of changemakers who are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and pursue innovative solutions.

We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference. Our role is to help unlock that potential by encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and persist in the face of challenges.

Together, we redefine what it means to be advocates for change. We celebrate individuality and harness its power to address complex social issues. Our initiatives empower people to use their unique perspectives to make a difference, proving that diversity of thought is crucial for meaningful progress.


“Being misunderstood or rejected is necessary for uniqueness.” This powerful insight drives everything we do at Running-Fluent Initiative. We are committed to championing individuality and leveraging it to create significant, positive social impact. Read more here (article in greek)

Join us on this journey and be part of a community that celebrates and harnesses the power of uniqueness. Together, we can redefine advocacy and social dynamics, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

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Daniel, originally from East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), is a dedicated long-distance runner, social advocate, and MSc student at UoL. He serves as an EU Climate Pact Ambassador and excels in project management and intercultural leadership, earning numerous recognitions. Residing in Cyprus since 2017, Daniel holds a BSc in Food Sciences and Technology from CUT/ΤΕΠΑΚ and is the founder and director of several initiatives in both Uganda and Cyprus.

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