Our Mission

At Running-Fluent Initiative, we aim to create a vibrant and harmonious community by fostering unity, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and advocating for all aspects of sustainability.We are dedicated to creating a future where everyone feels valued and connected and together, we can build a better, more harmonious world. The Running-Fluent Initiative does not only aim to integrate migrants into our society but to build bridges of understanding within the divided communities within our society to foster true inclusive, sustainable, and interconnected communities.

Our Objectives

Fostering Unity

Bringing individuals from diverse backgrounds together through innovative projects and partnerships.

Celebrating Diveristy

Through celebrating and supporting a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone feels respected.


Advocating for sustainability by raising awareness and inspiring action for environmental and social sustainability .

Uniting communities

Bridging cultures, nationalities and fostering empathy through building bridges of understanding in our communities, where understanding and respect among different cultures are the foundation

physical and mental wellness

Promoting both physical and mental wellness to enhance community well-being through targeted wellness programs and activities.

How We Work


Through innovative projects and partnerships as we collaborate with various organisations to create impactful change.


Community-building activities such as events that foster a sense of belonging and shared responsibility and intercultural exchange events.

Wellness programs

Wellness programs and activities to support physical and mental health; Group workouts,meditations, mental health support workshops.


Advocacy campaigns to educate and inspire action on social integration and sustainability

Educational initiatives

initiatives to provide resources and access to empower informed decision-making and positive contributions to society.

Start Supporting
Us Today

Help us make real change by supporting us with your donations so that we can continue supporting and working with amazing communities in Cyprus

Tree planting 🌲

Plant 100 trees in the Ypsonas and Agios Tychonas areas during the upcoming winter season. The goal is to complete this initiative before the end of 2024 contributing to environmental sustainability and enhancing local green spaces.

Make the city center of Limassol green again! 🌱

Develop innovative ways to beautify buildings using climbing plants, and implement these solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits of the structures.

Reusing and Upcycling Workshops ♻️

Let's collaborate to repurpose materials we have at home, turning them into new and valuable items. By working together, we can minimize waste and foster a more sustainable lifestyle.