Creating a Positive & Sustainable Impact, Together

The Running-Fluent Initiative

At the heart of our strategy lies a commitment to bringing people together and promoting mutual understanding. We strive to create a community where everyone feels valued and included, regardless of their background or identity. Our approach not only focuses on embracing diversity but also on championing environmental and social sustainability. By prioritizing these principles, we aim to create a world where both people and the planet can thrive harmoniously.

Our Projects & Causes

By breaking down cultural barriers, we create inclusive environments where differences are celebrated. Fostering empathy allows individuals to appreciate and respond to others' experiences and emotions, while building resilient communities ensures they can recover and thrive despite adversity. These efforts collectively enhance societal harmony and individual flourishing.

Global Harmony Circles Inclusion and Diversity Porject

With funds from the European Solidarity Corps of the European Union and support from government and non-government organizations, we successfully executed our project activities with success beyond our expectations. This project aimed to creatively champion ‘Environmental Sustainability’ through a unique and positive approach by passionately creating an inclusive, positive environment through a series of eco-friendly, multicultural networking and wellness activities.

Development of a Green and Health Community Enironment Conservation Project

The most significant activities and initiatives we have so far taken include: the Run4All charity event, where we donated money to friends of Earth Cyprus; Amiantos charity runs, where we donated money to Pasikaf; volunteering in Limassol and Larnaca Marathon; self-funding and savings for foreign students; participating in round table discussions against sexual violence; radio shows and interviews; applying for and executing a European solidarity corps co-funded project; and so many others. More are still coming.

For a Positive Impact, for a Positive Change Designation