We Are Not a Running Club,We Run Projects for Change! – Over 5 projects and over 100 events successfully executed!

 We Are Not a Running Club,We Run Projects for Change! – Over 5 projects and over 100 events successfully executed!

The Vision of the Running-Fluent Initiative (RFI)

Introduction: We Run Projects for Change!

Welcome to the Running-Fluent Initiative (RFI), where our mission transcends running marathons. Founded in 2021 by Barasa Daniel, a student at Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), RFI is dedicated to executing projects that create lasting and significant positive impacts in our communities. Our grassroots movement addresses social integration challenges, physical and mental health issues, and raises awareness about environmental sustainability in Cyprus. By fostering inclusivity, sustainability, and interconnectedness, we aim to transform our communities.

Our Strategy

At RFI, our strategy revolves around three key pillars:

  1. Unity and Diversity: We celebrate diversity and promote unity, creating an inclusive environment for everyone.
  2. Sustainability: We champion sustainable practices in every aspect of our projects.
  3. Innovation and Collaboration: We implement innovative projects and form strategic partnerships to build vibrant, harmonious communities. (check this article)

Key Initiatives and Partnerships

Intercultural Exchange Events

Our intercultural exchange events are at the core of RFI. These events serve as platforms for fostering connections, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and celebrating diversity. By bringing individuals together, we encourage dialogue, empathy, and mutual respect, addressing issues such as racism, xenophobia, sexism, discrimination, and mental health challenges.

Targeted Outreach Efforts

Strategic outreach and community engagement are essential to our mission. We collaborate with local NGOs, governmental bodies, educational institutions, and international organizations to extend our reach and impact.

Advocacy for Modern Integration Approaches

RFI understands the complexities surrounding immigrant and refugee issues. We advocate for practical and strategic initiatives that promote understanding and inclusivity, ensuring modern approaches to integration.

Are You Ready for Our Research Insights?

Bridging Gaps: A Research Paper Overview

Our research paper explores proactive solutions for bridging the gap between immigrants and locals in Cyprus, enhancing social sustainability and integration. Drawing on data from social surveys conducted during RFI activities, we examine strategies for fostering unity, diversity, inclusivity, and sustainable thinking.


Cyprus faces significant challenges in fostering social cohesion amidst rising immigration pressure. This paper analyzes insights from RFI activities to propose actionable solutions for true social sustainability and integration.

Literature Review

Previous research highlights the importance of social sustainability and integration in building resilient communities. Scholars advocate for inclusive policies, intercultural dialogue, and community engagement. Immigrant-led initiatives, like RFI, have shown promise in bridging divides and fostering cross-cultural understanding.


Our data were collected through social surveys targeting both immigrants and locals in Limassol, Cyprus. These surveys aimed to capture perspectives on integration, diversity, and sustainability, highlighting the challenges faced by immigrants and the attitudes of locals towards immigration.


  • Integration Barriers: Immigrants face obstacles such as language barriers, limited access to resources, and discrimination.
  • Local Perspectives: Locals exhibit varied openness towards immigration, with some embracing diversity and others concerned about cultural change.
  • Shared Values: Both groups recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and community engagement for social cohesion.


To address these challenges, we propose:

  • Language and Skills Training: Programs for immigrants to facilitate workforce and societal integration.
  • Cultural Exchange Initiatives: To foster mutual understanding and appreciation of diverse backgrounds.
  • Community-Led Environmental Projects: Encouraging collaboration and shared responsibility among immigrants and locals.


The Running-Fluent Initiative stands as a beacon of hope for social sustainability and integration in our communities. It doesn’t matter how slow we are moving; we are proud of the significant positive landmarks we keep leaving behind. We are cultivating a resilient and integrated society. We call on policymakers, community leaders, and stakeholders to prioritize proactive measures, ensuring diverse voices contribute to sustainability and paving the way for a thriving, cohesive society.

Join us in our journey to build bridges, break down barriers, and create a sustainable future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

We are not a running club, but we run projects for change.

For more information, visit Running-Fluent Initiative.

Daniel, originally from East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), is a dedicated long-distance runner, social advocate, and MSc student at UoL. He serves as an EU Climate Pact Ambassador and excels in project management and intercultural leadership, earning numerous recognitions. Residing in Cyprus since 2017, Daniel holds a BSc in Food Sciences and Technology from CUT/ΤΕΠΑΚ and is the founder and director of several initiatives in both Uganda and Cyprus.

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