Barasa Daniel

Founder & Director
Barasa Daniel, the visionary force behind Running-Fluent Initiative, leverages extensive sustainable development experience and a deep understanding of multicultural dynamics. Dedicated to positive change, Daniel leads with unwavering commitment, aiming to forge a harmonious future where diversity and sustainability coalesce. A diligent and industrious individual, he utilizes his love for nature to foster innovative collaborations among diverse groups. With a bachelor's degree in Food Sciences and Technology from Cyprus University of Technology and currently pursuing an MSc in Green and Digital Management at the University of Limassol, Daniel is equipped with a strong academic foundation. Fluent in Greek, English, Swahili, Luganda, Gishu, Samia, Lusoga, and Ateso, Daniel actively contributes to social and positive change within the community, embodying an uplifting personality and a genuine passion for helping others.